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facebook analytics going awayfacebook analytics going away

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Video: Facebook Analytics is Going Away – Now What?

Supported keys: facebook analytics going away, 2021-06-18, Facebook Analytics is Going Away – Now What?, Facebook has announced that they are taking away Facebook Analytics and that has a lot of people understandably concerned. Let’s talk about what this really means, what you need to do right away, and your alternatives are after that!

🔗 Facebook Analytics: facebook.com/analytics

🔗 Details from Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/966883707418907

🔗 Export and Download From Charts in Facebook Analytics – https://www.facebook.com/help/analytics/1407917219529934

🔗 About Facebook Business Suite: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/205614130852988?id=765488040896522 AND https://business.facebook.com/

🔗 Facebook Pixel – https://www.facebook.com/business/learn/facebook-ads-pixel

🔗 Facebook Ads Manager – https://www.facebook.com/adsmanager/

🔗 Facebook Events Manager – https://www.facebook.com/events_manager2

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What is Facebook Analytics?

At its core, Facebook Analytics is a tool that allows marketers to see how Facebook users are interacting with your pages, websites, apps, and Messenger Bots. It’s a completely free service, and, unlike with Business Manager, a Facebook account is not necessary to access the data. 

Below is a list of the current functions that Facebook Analytics provides their clientele:

  • In-depth audience demographics
  • Omnichannel activity tracking
  • Funnel, revenue, and retention reports
  • Lookalike audiences that mirror your top, highest-value customers
  • Real-time, automated data insights
  • Conversion measurement for any goals
  • Graphs, bar charts, and table reports 

Combined all of these insights can help you tweak your marketing strategy and improve your future campaign performance. It’s easy to see how using Facebook analytics in a marketing campaign would provide rich insights and deep campaign data for savvy marketers. 

How Should Brands Prepare for Facebook Analytics Deprecation?

If brands want to retain and keep records of their data for future efforts, we recommend accessing reports, exporting charts and tables, as well as exploring any final insights about your account. 

On desktop, this can be done by exporting files from Facebook Analytics to a CSV file. Simply click the “Export” icon in the top-right corner of each chart or table.

Additionally, brands should take note of other platforms that Facebook is marketing in order to assist with the depreciation. 

“It’s vital for advertisers to be able to measure the true value of their Facebook campaigns on their overall business. With the sunsetting of Facebook’s native analytics, brands will need to work with their partners on an attribution mix that can show the proper impact of Facebook efforts.”  

Katy Lucey, Director, Paid Social at Tinuiti

What Alternative Tools Can Marketers Use in Place of Facebook Analytics?

There are some tools built into Facebook that will help to streamline the depreciation of the service. In fact, Facebook states that they have made this transition “as part of an initiative to consolidate business tools. […] This does not affect the Insights sections of Facebook Pages and Instagram Profiles.”

  • Facebook Business Suite allows marketers to manage their Facebook and Instagram business accounts, revealing detailed insights about their audience, content, and trends. 
  • Facebook Ads Manager enables views, modifications, and results for all your Facebook campaigns, ad sets, and ads.
  • Facebook Events Manager can help you set up and manage Facebook Business Tools like the Facebook pixel and the Conversions API, and report actions taken on your website, in your app, and in your physical store.
  • Google Analytics can help track entire user journeys and customer flows. You can even set up views to include customer acquisition and retention. With custom URLs, you can even collect customer data from Facebook and Instagram campaigns. 

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Why Facebook is Sunsetting Analytics

Facebook Analytics launched in 2018 as a free alternative to platforms like Google Analytics (GA). On top of tracking all your Facebook Business Page data in one place, users could also create and embed Facebook tracking pixels on their websites to see how audiences behaved and what their customer journey looked like.

Image Source

Facebook Analytics could also give brands a look at your Facebook page’s details and audience demographics to help brands better inform their strategies.

Because much of the information shown on Facebook Analytics can now be found through other competitive and affordable data platforms — as well as Facebook’s Insights, Business Suite, Ads Manager, and Events Manager — Facebook decided to discontinue Analytics in an effort to consolidate its tools.

While Facebook hasn’t said if online privacy trends were a factor in its decision, the pivot comes at a time when Google and Apple have already begun to limit data tracking through the planned phase-out of third-party cookies and Apple’s recent IOS 14.5 opt-in requirements for mobile app tracking.

Because of the ongoing moves towards data privacy, it seems that Facebook could also prevent future data concerns with the streamlining of nearly extraneous Analytics tools.

How Marketers Can Prepare

Until June 30, brands can still access Facebook Analytics and download reports of all the data they might need.

To export data into a CSV file from Facebook Analytics on your desktop, click the [share icon] in the top-right corner of each chart or table,” Facebook advises

Aside from downloading data, brands that used the tool should also consider alternatives that can highlight similar data. Although Facebook Analytics was a helpful tool for some businesses looking for free or cheap platforms, there are affordable alternatives that can help you track your customer’s journey from social media to on-site conversion.

Below is just a quick list of Facebook Analytics alternatives to consider.

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Why Facebook Discontinued Facebook Analytics

What is Facebook Analytics?

Basically, Facebook Analytics is its own platform and shouldn’t be confused with “Facebook analytics”. The other is just a general term that marketers use to describe social data and metrics on Facebook. But how is it different from other Facebook tools?

Facebook Analytics used to integrate a few different Facebook channels/platforms. As long as you had a Pixel active on your website, you could track user behavior there and on Facebook at the same time. All of this integration meant that you could reach a more informed conclusion about your purchase funnel.

So, what are some of the types of reports you could create with Facebook Analytics? Previously, you could create reports about funnels, revenue, customer lifetime value, and usage. It was also possible to visualize your data across channels and break the data down by some characteristics. In general, you had the potential to learn something interesting about how your audience behaves on these channels.

Here are a few metrics and graphs you could see in Facebook Analytics at some point.

Facebook Analytics Overview

Custom on-page funnel created in Facebook Analytics

If we compare Facebook Analytics to Facebook Page Insights, you’ll see that they’re used for slightly different purposes. Facebook Page Insights are pretty much just like Instagram Insights: you can find out what are your best posts, how many new followers you have, how many people you’ve reached, etc. Considering that Facebook and Instagram are in the same ecosystem, it makes sense that the tools are similar.

Facebook Page Insights

This is how Facebook Page Insights looks for comparison. Doesn’t look completely unfamiliar, right?

Why is Facebook Analytics going away?

Is it really that surprising? Well, not really. 

A theory that came up a few times is that the new iOS update might have inspired the change. This update comes with new privacy settings that allow users to choose what Facebook can track outside of its own app. From now on, iOS users will be asked if they’re okay with Facebook gathering their behavioral data across other apps and sites. However, this isn’t the first time that user tracking across platforms was an issue.

The European Union has been focused on privacy issues for some time. Specifically, it’s a matter for the Court of Justice of the European Union to look into. The Court decided that all EU member states can go after companies that violate data privacy. If a company like Facebook wants to track cookies and online behaviors, even of people who didn’t use their social network, it can get them into legal trouble. 

So, it looks like there are two rather big entities that aren’t fans of how Facebook collects data. If Facebook wanted to keep things simple, it makes perfect sense why they’d get rid of Analytics.

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Why is Facebook analytics going away? What is Facebook Analytics feature that the social media platform has decided to shut down? Read on to know

Source: Unsplash

Facebook shall soon shut down its Facebook Analytics feature from June 30th, 2021. The social media platform informed its users about the same in a public statement published earlier this week. Facebook has asked its users to export charts and tables before June 30th this year, if they wish to be able to access reports and insights through the tool.

Facebook to shut down its Analytics and Insights feature

Facebook Analytics will no longer be available after 30 June 2021. Until then, you will still be able to access reports, export charts and tables, and explore insights. To export data into a CSV file from Facebook Analytics on your desktop, click the arrow  in the top-right corner of each chart or table.

Other business tools can help you understand your advertising, presences and activities on Facebook and Instagram, including:

  • Facebook Business Suite allows you to manage your Facebook and Instagram business accounts and can show you detailed insights about your audience, content and trends. (This tool may not be available to you yet.)
  • Ads Manager lets you view, make changes and see results for all of your Facebook campaigns, ad sets and ads.
  •  Events Manager can help you set up and manage Facebook Business tools such as the Facebook pixel and Conversions API, and reports actions taken on your website, in your app and in your physical shop.

What is Facebook Analytics?

Facebook Analytics is a tool to track likes, page views and to monitor the interaction of the audience with a business page on Facebook. The Facebook Analytics gives full insights and data that help one get the most from the social network. Facebook claims to reach 1.62 billion users every day.

Facebook Analytics or Insights helps a business take a structured approach that ties a business’ social media efforts and business goals. Analytics also help a business refine its strategy and measure its return on investment. It helps users understand how and when people interact with the content they post on Facebook and is essential to make sure that the Facebook algorithm works best for them.

Why is Facebook analytics going away?

According to a report in Ad Exchanger, Facebook Insights and Facebook Analytics was not as useful as many other analytics tools. Reportedly, a number of businesses used tools like Amplitude or Mixpanel more than Facebook Analytics.

Image credits: Unsplash

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What is Facebook Analytics and why is it useful?

As a business, it’s incredibly important to monitor how your marketing efforts are performing on social media. Facebook Analytics tracks likes, views, and engagement, while also providing information on who your audience is and how they’re interacting with your page. This is incredibly important as Facebook can reach 1.62 billion users every day, but if your ads or organic posts are not getting the right attention, then they won’t return on your investment of time or budget. Understanding how and when people interact with the content you post on Facebook is also a crucial way to make sure the Facebook algorithm works for you, rather than against you.

Facebook Page Insights and Facebook Audience Insights are both Facebook analytics tools that’ll be leaving in the summer. Facebook Page Insights gives you detailed analytics for your Facebook Page, so you can track what works, learn how people interact with your content, and improve your results over time. On the other hand, Facebook Audience Insights helps you understand your Facebook audience so you can better target your ads and create more relevant content.

When is Facebook Analytics leaving the platform?

Facebook Analytics will no longer be available after 30 June 2021. Until then, you’ll still be able to use the feature as normal, access reports, export charts, and tables, and explore your insights. A key thing you’ll want to do before that date is export the data that has already been collected for your page. To do this, click the arrow in the top-right corner of each chart or table. There you’ll see an option to export your data into a CSV file. This facility won’t be available once Analytics leaves the platform so make sure you do it before the 30th of June.

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Facebook Analytics: A Retrospective

The news of the Facebook analytics platform going away was no exception. The tool was a standalone dashboard that helped marketers measure post-engagement activity and offered a number of useful metrics, such as:

  • Monthly active user count
  • Post reactions
  • Shares

Facebook Analytics was useful for tracking how posts performed. It showed whether engagement was improving or declining among a brand’s Facebook audience. However, Facebook Analytics never achieved the same level of adoption among marketing experts as other tools such as Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics.

What Does Facebook Analytics Going Away Mean?

With the closure of Facebook analytics, Facebook moved analytics metrics to three other user interfaces.

Information is now split between:

  • Facebook Business Suite
  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Facebook Events Manager

This means marketers who made extensive use of the Analytics tool now need to use multiple sources for the same information.

To understand why Facebook made this decision, it’s important to consider the wider perspective of social media dashboards. In the last few years, ecommerce has become very important to social media platform managers. “Insider Intelligence forecasts that US retail social commerce sales will rise by 35.8% to $36.62 billion in 2021.”

Facebook Analytics’ Closure Reflects Declining Interest in Panel Data

The original purpose of Facebook Analytics was to display panel data. The tool offered a filtered view and analysts were typically willing to trust the data because of the source. This meant there was no need to create a dashboard that statistically verified the data.

Facebook isn’t alone in having offered panel metrics as a part of its analytics suite. Twitter Analytics, which I covered here, is an example of another platform that offers similar tools.

Today, analysts are interested in understanding the source of the data they work with. The addition of new Privacy legislation meant businesses had to be careful about the type of data they processed and how they processed it.

The Death of Panel Metrics

Even Google has scaled back its analytics offerings in some ways. The search giant removed Affinity Reports in a recent Google Analytics update. Affinity Reports revealed the subject interests of site visitors using panel data that inferred interests from a user’s records of online activity.

To protect the anonymity of visitors, such metrics were revealed only for sites with traffic above a predetermined threshold. This meant webmasters could infer the demographics or interests of specific individuals on low-traffic sites. Panel metrics need to comply with the spirit of privacy rules, which means they’re only able to offer an aggregate view of trends.

Now, even that aggregate-only view is no longer available. Google still offers other analytics tools but limits the information that is available about individual visitors.

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