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how to post on instagram from machow to post on instagram from mac

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Video: How To Post Instagram Reels From PC & Mac

Supported keys: how to post on instagram from mac, 2021-04-14, How To Post Instagram Reels From PC & Mac, In this video i’ll show you how to post Instagram reels from PC or Mac without having to use an emulator to to install Instagram application on your laptop, You might want to upload and post reels on Instagram from your pc because it can be really good and easy to make short vertical videos for Instagram reels but the website doesn’t give you the option to post reels you can only upload IGTV videos but that’s not the same.
You only solution is a browser extension that i will show you in this video which can post reels on Instagram just from your browser on your PC or Mac.

EXTENSION : https://link.onhowguy.com/inssist

WATCH THE VIDEO : https://youtu.be/YnE9Uq4hGg8

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How to post on Instagram from your computer

Below, you’ll find ways to post on Instagram from your PC or Mac. We’ll also show you how to post via Hootsuite which works on either operating system.

If you’re more of a visual learner, watch this video from our pals at Hootsuite Labs to see how easy it can be:

Method 1: How to post on Instagram from your computer using Hootsuite

You can schedule feed posts, Stories, carousel posts, and Instagram ads with Hootsuite.

The instructions below will walk you through the process of posting to your Instagram feed. We cover Instagram Stories and carousels a little further down in this article.

To post on Instagram from a PC or Mac using Hootsuite, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Hootsuite dashboard. If you don’t have an account yet, create one here for free.
  2. From your dashboard, click on the green New Post button at the top.
  3. The New Post window will appear. Under Post to, select the Instagram account where you want to post your content. If you haven’t added an account yet, you can do that by clicking +Add a social network in the box and following the directions.
  4. Drop the image or video you want to post to Instagram in the Media section. Enhance your image and/or video with the photo editor.
  5. Once you’re done, add your caption in the Text section as well as any hashtags you want to use. You also have the option to add a location at the bottom.
  6. When you’ve crafted your post, review it for any errors. Once you’re sure everything is good to post, click the Post Now button at the bottom. Alternatively, you can also Schedule for later if you want it to post at a different time.

For a quick summary of how to post on Instagram from Hootsuite, watch this video:

Voila! Posting photos and videos to Instagram from PC or Mac is that easy.

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Is there an Instagram app for Mac?

There is not an Instagram app for posting photos to Instagram from your Mac. You can, however, go to Instagram.com on any computer and log in to your account to view and comment on photos. Uploading photos is another story altogether.

How to post on Instagram from Mac using your browser

Depending on which browser you use on your Mac, the technique for uploading photos to Instagram will be slightly different. In this article, we’ll provide instructions for using the two most popular Mac browsers: Safari and Google Chrome.

How to post to Instagram from Mac using Safari

If Safari is your browser of choice, you can use it to upload a photo to Instagram using developer tools, which will allow you to view Instagram exactly as if you were using the mobile app on your phone:

  1. Open Safari on your Mac.
  2. From the top menu, choose Safari > Preferences.
  3. Choose Advanced from the menu tabs at the top of the window.
  4. Check the box next to “Show Develop menu in menu bar.” 
  5. Now go to Instagram.com in Safari. 
  6. From the top menu, click on Develop > User Agent > Safari > iOS (current version) > iPhone.
  7. You should see Instagram exactly as it would appear on your iPhone.
  8. To upload a photo, tap the + icon at the bottom of the screen, just like you would on the mobile Instagram app. This will open your files on your Mac so you can choose a photo to add.
  9. The rest of the process works just like it does within the Instagram app. The only limitations are that you can’t add videos or gallery posts, just single photos. 

How to upload to Instagram from Mac with Google Chrome

If you’re using the Chrome browser with your Mac, there’s an equally easy way to upload your photos to Instagram on your computer:

  1. Open a tab in Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner and click on More Tools.
  3. Click on Developer Tools.
  4. Developer Tools will open on the right side of your screen. You will see a phone/tablet icon in the upper-left corner of the Developer Tools Screen. Toggle this icon so you see the mobile view in your main window.
  5. If you don’t see the + icon at the bottom of the screen, click on the refresh button, and it should appear.
  6. When you click on the + icon, a window will appear with your Mac files. Choose the photo you want to upload and proceed as you normally would to upload your photo.  

Post to Instagram from Mac using third-party apps

Using Developer Tools in Chrome and the Develop menu in Safari is relatively straightforward, but it does require a few extra steps. If you want to set something up that you can use over and over again without any hassle, consider using a third-party app for Instagram

Two Instagram posting apps stand out for their ease of use and beautiful interface — Flume and PhotoDesk. Here’s how to post to Instagram using both of them. 

How to post to Instagram from Mac using Flume

Flume makes it possible to navigate Instagram from your Mac and includes the ability to like and comment on photos, follow and unfollow accounts, and direct message accounts. In order to use the upload feature, you will have to purchase the premium version of the app. 

Here’s how to use Flume to upload a post to Instagram from your Mac:

  1. Get the premium version of Flume on your Mac.
  2. A window will appear with your Instagram feed.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the window and click on the camera icon.
  4. A separate window will appear. You can drag a photo or video from your Mac into this window, or you can click on the camera icon to open your files and choose a photo.
  5. Once you’ve loaded your photo, you can type a caption, add hashtags, and tag accounts. You can also use Instagram’s native filters and edit screen before uploading your photo.
  6. When you are finished creating your post, click the Post button to upload it to Instagram.

How to upload to Instagram from Mac with PhotoDesk

PhotoDesk is another feature-packed app that is perfect for doing all of your Instagram tasks from the comfort of your Mac. It even provides detailed statistics so you can see how your posts are doing within the app. You can start by accessing a free trial, but after that, you’ll have to purchase the premium version. 

Here’s how to upload to Instagram using PhotoDesk. 

  1. Download PhotoDesk and open the app on your Mac.
  2. At the bottom of your dashboard, you’ll see your username with a camera icon next to it. Click on the camera icon.
  3. Choose a photo from your files and click Open a New Image.
  4. A new window will appear with a variety of editing tools. These are similar but not identical to Instagram’s editing tools. 
  5. When you’re finished editing your photo, click Post to go to the next screen.
  6. Now you can add your caption and hashtags.
  7. When you’re finished, click Export to save your photo to Instagram.

Whether you choose to upload photos to Instagram using your browser or a third-party app will depend on the features you want to use. If you’re using a browser, you will have limited functionality and won’t be able to post videos or gallery posts. Using one of the apps mentioned above will give you more features,  but, of course, you’ll have to pay for them. While neither method is perfect, they’ll have to do until Instagram adds the ability to upload from its web browser or develops an app just for Mac users. 

This was about:

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How to Post to Instagram From Your Computer [12 Easy Steps]

How to post to Instagram on Mac and PC

  • Click the new + icon in the top right corner to get started (next to the Messenger icon)
  • Follow the prompts to upload your photos or videos (drag and drop or “Select From Computer”)
  • Choose your size/format
  • Pick your filter and/or edit (tab at the top)
  • Add your caption/location, and more
  • Choose Share

Almost hilariously, Instagram continues to ignore iPad. We tried to access the new desktop feature on iPad by requesting Instagram’s desktop site in Safari and the ability to post is not available for now.

Here’s a closer look at the desktop UI:

Other recent Instagram changes include the platform testing Suggested Posts in users’ main feed, the ability to hide like counts, and the Live feature gaining options for muting and disabling video:

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:

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The Instagram web experience

While there’s no official Instagram for Mac app available to download, users of the social network do have the option of heading to
Instagram.com on a Mac. The basic web app gives you access to your main Instagram feed, allowing you to browse through photos and videos that friends have posted as well as liking and commenting. 

Instagram rolled out Stories support shortly after launching the web app, allowing you to view the temporary posts on the big screen, and in January 2020, the company started testing support for Direct Messages via the web app. It’s only available for a small percentage of users right now, but it should hopefully be rolled out worldwide soon.

There’s no denying that the Instagram website has been vastly improved since it first launched, but there’s still no native way to post images or videos either to your feed or to your Instagram Story…

How to upload photos to Instagram from a Mac

While you can’t use the standard Instagram website to upload photos on a Mac, there is a way to ‘trick’ Instagram into thinking you’re accessing the site via an iPhone, which does allow for photo uploads. We’ll show you how to make Instagram think you are on an iPhone so you can upload images.

Step 1: Make Instagram think you’re on an iPhone

First things first, before we can fool Instagram into letting us upload an image we need to make it think we are in fact using an iPhone.

  1. Open Safari and head to Safari > Preferences > Advanced.
  2. Make sure Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar is toggled on.
  3. Head to the Instagram website and log in to your account.
  4. Then select Develop (from the menu bar) > User Agent > Safari – iOS 12.1.3 – iPhone (or whatever version is newest).

Now the Instagram website should automatically reload (manually refresh if not) and display the mobile version of the site, complete with upload functionality.

Step 2: Upload photos to Instagram from your Mac

Now, to use your Mac to upload your photos:

  1. Tap the + icon on the toolbar at the bottom of your Instagram feed.
  2. Browse for the image you’d like to post, select it and click Choose.
  3. You can expand the cropped square image by tapping the arrow icon on the bottom-left of the image preview, and tapping the right icon allows you to rotate the photo. 
  4. You can also click the Filter tab to browse for, and apply, a filter to your image. 
  5. Once you’ve edited your photo and are ready to post, click Next.
  6. Add a caption, location and/or tags and you’re ready to post to your feed.
  7. Hit Share to upload the image. 

Step 3: Upload photos to Instagram Stories from your Mac

  1. Select the Your Story icon in the top left.
  2. Browse for the image you’d like to post and double click or select Choose.
  3. You’ll then see a preview of the image (and potentially a request for Instagram to know your location).
  4. You can add stamps or draw on your image using the tools. 
  5. If you’d like to add text to your image click on the Aa in the top right. Whatever you type will appear in the centre of the image once you select Done.
  6. Once you have input your text and click on Add to your story.
  7. If you don’t want to post the image click on the X in the top left. You can choose to Keep or Discard the image.
  8. When you are happy with the image click on Add to your story. 

The drawbacks of using this technique to post to Instagram Stories? It works best with Portrait images (landscape gets cropped). Nor can you upload videos this way. 

Those are big drawbacks, but there are workarounds available.

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How To Post On Instagram From Computer?

There are 6 ways to use a laptop or desktop computer and Windows or Mac to create IG posts photos and videos on Instagram.

  1. Scheduling Tools
  2. Developer Tools
  3. Inspect Method
  4. Native Options 
  5. Third-Party Tools
  6. Chrome extension – DMI

Option 1: Instagram scheduler (recommended)

You can grow your Instagram by planning your posts ahead of time. Using an Instagram scheduler lets you:

  • Prepare posts in advance
  • Schedule and auto post from desktop
  • Improve content quality. 

Hopper HQ lets you focus on content quality. With features such as bulk content creation and scheduling ahead of time, all from your desktop.

Hopper HQ is a company founded in 2014 tailored for brands, agencies, and creators to grow on Instagram. They also have an outstanding live chat to help you on the go.

Instagram Scheduler Tool: Hopper HQ 

You can schedule and post on Instagram from PC with the Hopper HQ desktop app. Hopper HQ allows you to visually plan and schedule your social media campaigns automatically with tailored insights, all from your computer. Scheduling your posts saves you precious time that you can use to focus on other aspects of your growth.

The Hopper HQ Dashboard you will see once you log in to Hopper HQ from your PC.

Simple Post, Story + Reel Scheduling ✨

Visually plan your social content. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn + Pinterest

How to use Hopper HQ to post on Instagram from the desktop?

1. Create an account at HopperHQ.com

After logging in to your new account, you are greeted with a visual dashboard with four sections:

When you Log in to Hopper HQ from your desktop computer, you will see the Hopper HQ Dashboard | How to post on Instagram from PC.
  • Section 1: Social media accounts list

In the left corner, you can see your Instagram handle. You can add other social networks too, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts (Stay tuned for more social networks soon 👀)

  • Section 2: Menu

From the menu, you can create and manage your feed posts, calendar, analytics, and settings.

  • Section 3: Instagram posts

View your scheduled and drafted posts ready to be posted on Instagram.

  • Section 4: Grid planner for Instagram feed

Look at your Instagram feed posts, exactly how they will appear on your IG profile once published.

The hopper HQ dashboard. You can see your linked social networks, menu, posts, and grid planner.

2. Create posts and upload Instagram photos, videos, stories, and reels

In the top-left corner, click “create posts” and you are taken to a window where you can upload 50 photos or video posts at once directly from your desktop browser in one swoop.

Take a look at the video uploading photos from Unsplash. As a result, fill your calendar in seconds.

3. Edit your Images

If your images are not in the correct Instagram size dimensions, a pop-up alert will take you to the photo editor with pre-set dimensions for portrait and landscape photos, and apply any filters or edits.

Add frames, text, stickers, and more to get your images looking their best from your desktop with Hopper HQ.

4. Write captions and schedule your first comment with hashtags

Once you’ve made your edits, you can write captions (including emojis) for all uploads, and schedule the first comment where you will add all your hashtags.

Extend Your Reach With #Hashtags

Use hashtag suggestions to reach the right people, create content that resonates with your followers, get more engagement on your posts, and save a ton of time doing it

Here is the best part, you can choose between Post Now or Schedule a time in the future.

If you decide you want to publish the same post to another social network then, you can choose to send it to multiple platforms at the same time. This includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more social networks coming very soon in 2022.

Hopper HQ Dashboard to schedule IG posts | How to post on Instagram from PC (Windows or Mac)

5. Drag and drop grid planner

Once all your photos and video posts are in the dashboard, you can easily make changes by dragging and dropping the posts. The Instagram Grid Planner displays an accurate view of what your IG feed will look like.

Using drag and drop option to move posts | How to post on Instagram from your Windows or Mac

6. Calendar View

Hopper HQ also includes a calendar view in a clean and aesthetic arrangement.

7. Monitor your social media analytics

User-friendly Analytics to measure the success of your content and stay informed about your audience demographics!

Hopper HQ Analytics Dashboard, to keep track of your growth. | How to post to Instagram from PC and Mac.

Explore The Data Behind Your Social Media Accounts 📊

Find the best time to post, track your follower growth, and understand what content works best with post and account analytics

Hopper HQ allows uploading up to 50 high resolution pictures or video clips while editing your posts in bulk.


Hopper HQ works on a subscription basis by the number of social accounts sets. Pricing starts at $19 monthly or $16 monthly if paying annually for 1 set of social accounts.
1 social set = 1 Instagram account, 1 Facebook account, 1 Linkedin account, 1 Twitter account.
If you are an agency or you manage multiple accounts, there is a bulk discount. 🎉

A set of accounts include 1 Instagram + 1 Facebook + 1 Twitter + 1 LinkedIn, but if you are an agency or you manage multiple accounts, there is a bulk discount.

Pros and cons of using an Instagram scheduler tool to post on Instagram from PC

  • Pros: The Scheduler tool lets you plan and automate posts in advance, upload images and videos from the desktop, create carousel posts with multiple photos in seconds, and much more. Additionally, we recently launched Instagram Story scheduling AND Instagram reels scheduling.
  • Cons: it is not a free option. The good news is that there is a free trial to test drive the tool before committing, and you won’t be charged until the trial period is over. Interested? Start your free trial today!

The verdict

Hopper HQ does far more than post to your Instagram from PC or desktop. It is a complete social media management tool built to automate and manage Instagram and other social networks to scale. It offers a visually appealing dashboard with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface, resulting in an attractive grid and consistent Instagram aesthetic in no time.

🚫 Free ✅ Hashtag Tool
✅ Photo AND Video Posts ✅ First Comments
✅ Instagram Stories & Reels ✅ Editing Tools
✅Carousel Posts ✅ Filters
✅ Windows ✅ Cropping
✅ Mac ✅ Tag Images
✅ Bulk Upload ✅ Tag Locations
✅ Captions ✅ Multiple Accounts
✅ Feed Grid Preview ✅ Bulk Edit
Choose the best tool to manage your Instagram Account from your Personal Computer

Plan & Schedule Your Social Media Posts

Visually plan your posts. Drag & drop everywhere in seconds ✨

Option 2: Using Google Chrome or Safari (Mac and Windows)

Using Developer Tools to publish your IG posts from PC Windows and Mac

This method changes the user agent on your browser for posting on Instagram from PC (Mac or Windows) and does not require a website or software download, plus it’s free to use. Here are the ways to use it, explained depending on your favourite operating system!

Google Chrome (Mac)

How to change the user agent in Google Chrome when using Mac?

1. Open the Developer Tools Window.

Changing the view of your browser to see as your mobile device but from your PC and Mac.

2. The console will open. Then, by clicking this icon, you can change the view to a mobile device.

3. In this drop-down menu, select a mobile model from the list of devices. This will change the browser’s view to a mobile screen, and the upload button will appear. 

Tip: if it does not appear straight away, navigate to a different page and come back, or refresh.

4. The upload button will automatically open your computer’s files. Select a photo. You then have the option to rotate and also to zoom out.

How to post on Instagram from PC or Mac.

5.  You have a range of Instagram filters available, although not the editing tools. When you’re ready, press next as you would on mobile.

6. Add a caption and location on the review page. Thereafter, click share, and the post will be published on your profile!

7. Additionally, publish to your profile using the Share button in the top right-hand corner!

Google Chrome (Windows)

How to change the user agent in Google Chrome from Windows?

If you are running Chrome, click on the ‘three dots’ icon on the top right section of your browser. Despite it for windows, actually works in Mac too. Find the steps explained.

(1) Click on ‘More tools’ and pick “Developer tools”.

(2) Go to the “Toggle Device Toolbar” option in the console window.

How to post on Instagram from PC or Mac.

(3) Go up to the dropdown to pick a mobile device user agent and set the user agent to the mobile device that you wish.

(4) After that, launch IG on the browser.

How to post on Instagram while using a PC or Mac.

Thereafter, you can click the + button to start posting photos or videos on Instagram from your desktop or laptop computer.

Safari (Mac)

How to change the User-Agent in Safari from Mac?

  • To change the user agent on Safari, you must enable the ‘Develop’ menu by going to Safari browser > Preferences > Advanced Settings and allowing the “Show Develop” option in the menu bar. Once this is done, you can follow the steps explained in the option above.

Pros and cons of using Chrome or Safari to post on Instagram from PC

  • Pros: posting on Instagram from Chrome or Safari requires no third-party site or download, and the Interface shows your Instagram as it would appear on mobile.
  • Cons: It is missing the editing tools and you can’t add videos. This method also does not allow you to post multiple photos, nor schedule posts in advance.

The verdict

This is a handy quick fix if your photos are ready to go on your desktop or USB and you don’t have time to transfer them to your phone. While this is relatively simple and free, there are many limitations.

Check out this in-depth guide where David Coleman explains “what the user agent is.”

Option 3: The Inspect method

How to post to Instagram using the Inspect method?

To post to Instagram using the Inspect method, open your browser’s search bar and type Instagram.com

Use the right-click and select Inspect; subsequently, a code screen should appear where then you can select Toggle Devices. Now, you can follow the instructions above.

Pros and cons of using the inspect method to post on Instagram from PC

  • Pros: It is free and simple to use. You can write captions, tag people, and then click Share.
  • Cons: The images will be posted as you upload them, with no filters or cropping, and again videos cannot be posted. In conclusion, no schedule option in none or automation that helps manage multiple accounts

The verdict 

This is a quick and easy way to post to Instagram from any browser. Nonetheless, this method has limitations like editing your videos and photos, scheduling in advance or managing multiple IG accounts.

Option 4: Using Instagram Web

How to post on Instagram while using a PC or Mac.

Instagram Web version

With Instagram’s latest update, everyone can post from PC whether with Mac or Windows; therefore, allowing to upload Instagram posts from the web version of Instagram (Not the mobile app).

Visit the Instagram website and log in with your credentials. Once inside, click the + icon in the upper-right corner of the menu bar (next to the Messenger icon). Here, you can edit the photos, and add your caption, for instance. In addition to changing location, Alt text, and advanced settings.

Publish your Instagram Post while using your PC or Mac.

Pros and cons of using the Instagram web version to post on Instagram from PC

  • Pros: Instagram lets users share photos or video posts from the Instagram web on desktop. The Instagram web app allows users to add captions, locations, tags, and hashtags. Additionally, this is an option that’s easily accessible from any browser (Safari, Google Chrome, Bing, etc.)
  • Cons: It’s very difficult to manage multiple Instagram accounts. Image cropping options are limited, and you cannot re-post photos using this method. Lastly, you cannot upload Instagram Stories and schedule posts in advance.

The verdict

Using the Instagram web version is beneficial if you are looking to upload one picture on the go or see your Instagram feed on a bigger screen. However, you can’t upload Instagram Stories and there is no scheduler!
Bottom line: limited and difficult to scale your Instagram account.

Plan your social media posts.

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Option 5: Facebook Creator Studio

In August 2019, Facebook launched the option to post to Instagram on their Creator Studio platform. Consequently, users with a business Instagram profile can link to their business Facebook page and can publish posts from a desktop.

Connect to business Creator Studio by using your Facebook credentials. Then, go to the Instagram section (Instagram – camera icon) and click on it.

Introduce your Facebook Credentials using the Creator Studio to publish your photo and video posts.

Pros and cons of using Facebook Creator Studio to post on Instagram from PC

  • Pros: You can post IGTV videos (short for Instagram TV)
  • Cons:  This option doesn’t offer a bulk upload option to create multiple posts at once. In addition, you can’t edit scheduled posts (even if they’re not published yet), and it is not possible to schedule an Instagram story either.

The verdict

This is a great free alternative to posting on Instagram from computer. However, it is limiting if you’re managing Instagram content in batch, as it is time-consuming to find workarounds.

Option 6: Using other third-party tools to post on Instagram from PC

How to post to Instagram while using a PC or Mac.

Using other tools created by independent developers is another way to create Instagram posts from PC. Keep reading for an overview of some other programs available online.

Bluestacks (Windows and Mac)

Bluestacks is an Android emulator that allows Android applications to run on PCs running Microsoft Windows and macOS. All you need is a Google account, after that, you can download a version of the Instagram Android app;

Bluestacks requires you to download an app to your computer, find their webpage, type Instagram in the search bar and click Install from their App Center. Log in and you’re ready to post on Instagram from PC.

Pros and cons of using Bluestacks to post on Instagram from PC

  • Pros: You can edit posts and share them on Instagram. In addition, Bluestacks is a free option to use.
  • Cons: Bluestacks is not helpful if you need to upload posts in bulk, share to multiple accounts, or schedule in advance.

The verdict

BlueStacks lets you post on Instagram from your Windows or Mac PC but with limitations on working with multiple accounts and scheduling posts in advance.

Deskgram (Mac)

Using Deskgram lets you post on Instagram from your Mac PC, as well as view comments and likes, just like the mobile app.

You need to download the app on your computer. Drag to the applications folder and upload your photos and videos to Instagram from Mac and you’re all set to use it.

Pros and cons of using Deskgram to post on Instagram from PC

  • Pros: You can upload and send photos and videos in bulk and shorten your posts to fit better in portrait or landscape.
  • Cons: Deskgram only works with Mac, and lacks any video trimming features. There are no in-app video editing tools, so make sure your Instagram clip fits its 60-second limit when posting it.

The verdict

Deskgram’s $2.99 monthly price seems fair for unlimited use on one device, but don’t forget it’s limited to use just on Mac.

Uplet (Mac)

This Instagram Uploader was developed by Eltima Software and, like Deskgram, works only with Mac.

You need to download Uplet to your desktop, drag it to the Applications folder and upload your photos and videos to Instagram from your Mac.

Pros and cons of using Uplet to post on Instagram from PC

  • Pro: You can upload photos and videos in bulk and send them to multiple Instagram accounts. Moreover, you can choose between portrait or landscape options as needed.
  • Cons: Uplet does not have features like filters, in-app editing tools or trimming. Finally, it is limited to use only on Mac.

The verdict

The license cost ranges from $19.95 to $49, paid as a one-time fee. Despite covering the basic options, there are some drawbacks, such as the need to download an application, lack of some features, and it only works with Apple computers.

Option 7: Using chrome extensions

Direct Message for Instagram (DMI) – Chrome extension

This Google Chrome extension lets you use Instagram as you would on your cell phone. As revealed by their website in a disclaimer, this Chrome extension is not an official app from Instagram, but from independent developers.

Install the Instagram extension by searching it on the Chrome web store. Thereafter, you click on the extension icon, you will be prompted to sign in to Instagram again, allowing you to post from your PC as you would on mobile.

Pros and cons of using the DMI Chrome extension to post on Instagram from PC

  • Pros: You can like and comment on posts, view Instagram Stories (photos and videos), upload photos, and send messages.
  • Cons: It is not possible to upload videos. You also cannot work with multiple Instagram accounts and schedule future posts.

The verdict

The extension allows you to send direct messages to other Instagram users, view photos, follow links from others just like the web version of Instagram. It does, however, have its limitations when it comes to uploading videos.

So, what is the best option for you to post on Instagram from PC ?

Whether you’re using Windows or Mac, you have plenty of options to post on Instagram from PC. Your method of choice will depend on what you’re looking to achieve; do you just want the ability to post on Instagram from computer? Or are you looking for a tool that you can use to upload, edit, and schedule multiple posts from PC? 

In conclusion, based on your goals and individual needs, you’ll be able to decide on the best option for you. 

Do you have a touchscreen Windows 10 computer? Find out how to post to Instagram directly from it!

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Can you post on Instagram from Mac?

Since the previous paragraph had a spoiler, we’ll say it right away: yes, we know how to post to Instagram from Mac. However, there’s no easy way to do it. Instagram is a mobile-first service, so it doesn’t bother much about helping you post from a computer. There’s no “Instagram desktop app Mac.” In fact, the only way you can even see your Insta feed on a Mac is through a browser. This is why we need a workaround. And we’ve found it! 

Why is it better to post from a computer? 

Before we guide you through the steps, let’s answer the main question. Why would you even want to post on Instagram from Mac? Here are the top three reasons in our opinion: 

  • Photo and video editors. A Mac does a better job preparing your content for posting than an iPhone. With apps like Luminar, TouchRetouch, and CameraBagPro, you can fix imperfections, create a consistent visual style for all your content, and even experiment with AI effects. 
  • Part of your work routine. If posting to Instagram is part of your job, you don’t want to switch back and forth between computer and phone. You want a connected work environment, all in one place. 
  • Additional features. To post content from Mac, you’ll need to use a third-party app. These apps often have features that Instagram doesn’t have. For example, IM+ allows you to post to multiple platforms and monitor incoming messages directly from the app.

How to use Instagram on Mac to post photos, videos, and stories

To upload to Instagram from Mac, you’ll need an app like Grids or IM+. Both allow you to post photos and videos directly to Instagram. Grids can also post Stories and carousels. IM+ superpower is connecting to numerous social networks, including Facebook, Zoom, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Whatsapp, and many more. 

And, if you use apps like Luminar to edit your photos, you have the perfect Instagram marketing platform right on your Mac. Even if you only use Instagram for fun, being able to post directly from your Mac is very handy.

Instagram apps we’ll discuss here also let you switch between as many accounts as you like, DM friends, comment, tag, and more — all the usual stuff you do on mobile. Here’s how to use Grids and IM+ to post on Instagram from Mac.

How to post photos on Instagram from Mac

With Grids, you get a simple Instagram uploader for all your accounts: 

  1. Open Setapp > Grids > install and open the app 
  2. In Grids, log into your Instagram account or add multiple accounts
  3. You’ll be taken directly to the Instagram feed that looks awesome in Grids
  4. To post a new photo, click the plus button. 

 From then on, it’s pretty basic: Adjust the size, add captions and location, tag people, and hit the Share button. You can choose to fit the uploaded content into a traditional square frame or go with the original size. Read more about Instagram dimensions and sizes here. 

IM+ is a great tool to combine all of your messages and social networks into a single interface. To post to your Instagram page through IM+ follow these simple steps:  

  • Open Setapp > IM+ > install and open the app
  • In IM+, log into your account 
  • Click the plus button to make a new post
  • Pick the photo you want to post, click Open, edit or add filters if necessary, write your caption and add location, and click Share.  

How to upload video to Instagram from Mac

Nothing of major difference from uploading pictures. Click the plus button in Grids and browse the target folder on your computer to find a video. Mac Instagram users are going to enjoy not having to move their videos to their iPhones to upload on IG. 

When you choose and prep your videos to upload to Instagram from desktop, keep in mind these two things: 

  1. Large videos will take longer to upload (duh). 
  2. Instagram only allows videos that are up to 1 minute, so if your video is longer, cut it before uploading or it will get cut automatically.

How to post Instagram Stories on Mac with Grids

What makes Grids truly unique is the ability to post Stories. No other desktop app can do it, and neither does the web version of Instagram. Here’s an easy way to upload photos and videos to Stories on Mac:  

  1. Click your profile picture from the Instagram feed or your account page — just as you do on mobile
  2. Click the plus button to upload photo/video
  3. Add mentions, custom text, emojis, tags, and more
  4. Click Send To > Your Story. 

How to add and switch between multiple Instagram accounts

Grids allows you to post on Instagram from Mac, switching between multiple accounts. So if you’re wondering how to repost on Instagram, you should know there’s no need to do that. Simply add another account and post your content: 

  1. Click on your profile image > Add Account
  2. Enter your credentials and log in
  3. To switch across accounts, hit the account name you want to use. No need to log in and out again.

The screenshot above shows account switching in Grids. In IM+, you just add another Instagram account to your list of social media within the app and switch by selecting the account you want from the icons on the left side of IM+ app window. 

How to edit your photos before posting to Instagram

Instagram is extremely limited in terms of image editing, so you might want to refer to better software. Well-edited images are the deal breakers on IG after all. Since you already have a Setapp account (Grids and IM+ are available with your Setapp subscription), you have access to many photo and video editors. 

Here are the top three we recommend to try in Setapp: 

  • If you already have some experience editing photos, try CameraBag Pro. It’s an app that combines ready-to-use filters and ultra-detailed editing, including nuanced skin tone correction and eye-sparking tools.
  • For quick results, try Luminar. An AI-powered photo editor that turns your images into magic with its smart noise reduction, image enhancement, sky adjustment, and a plethora of other tools for better images.
  • TouchRetouch will help you get rid of unwanted objects in the photo. It’s a great solution if you need to cover up a logo or a company name, remove a person in the background, or…well, pimples. 

How do I upload photos from my PC or Mac via browsers?

If you don’t want to use third-party apps, how to post on Instagram from Mac? And if you don’t have a Mac, how to post on Instagram from PC? The possible option is to do a few under-the-hood tweaks in the web version of Instagram. No worries, nothing too technical. Following are the instructions for uploading content to Instagram via Chrome and Safari. 

Post to Instagram via Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome and paste / in the address bar
  2. Click the three dots in the upper right corner of Chrome > More tools > Developer tools
  3. In the developer panel, click “Toggle Device Toolbar” (an icon with two devices)
  4. Click Responsive and select your mobile device from the drop-down menu 
  1. Refresh the page for Instagram to emulate the look, based on the device you’ve selected

  2. After the refresh, you’ll see the upload button in the lower bar (just as it looks on your phone)

  3. Now you’re ready to upload and post your photos. 

Upload to Instagram via Safari

  1. Open Safari and paste / in the address bar
  2. Open Safari Preferences > Advanced 
  3. Check the box “Show Develop menu in menu bar”
  4. As soon as Develop appears in your menu bar, click it, then click User Agent  
  1. User Agent shows the list of mobile devices Safari can emulate
  2. Pick your device and refresh the page to switch to the mobile interface
  3. Upload and post your photo.  

After you upload your photo, you’ll be able to apply filters, add location and captions like you do on mobile. However, this method doesn’t guarantee you’ll preserve 100% of the original quality. Plus, uploading via browsers can be glitchy, so if you can, we really recommend using trusted Instagram apps for the job.

That’s about it. Using Instagram for Mac on desktop is nothing new. We’re surprised that with such a huge audience and business behind it, Instagram still hasn’t introduced a decent desktop client of its own. Luckily for you, there are apps that fix the problem with ease: 

  • Grids is a powerful Instagram app that you can use to upload photos and videos, DM, comment, tag people, and do all kinds of stuff you do in the mobile interface.
  • IM+ is an app you can use to post to Instagram from your Mac that has a more limited functionality, compared to Grids, but it allows you to manage multiple social media accounts directly through the app.
  • CameraBag Pro and Luminar will perfect your photos before posting — enhance colors, add filters, etc. 
  • TouchRetouch will help fix imperfections and remove unwanted objects.  

Best of all, these apps are all available through Setapp, a productivity service that solves your tasks with Mac and iOS apps. It’s free for 7 days, then $9.99/month. 

We hope this guide has been of help and now you know how to bypass the tricky Mac-iPhone file shifting. It’s a pain to be forced to move every image to your phone when it’s ready for posting, so Setapp apps to the rescue. Have a great day, post a lot, cheers!

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How to Post to Instagram From Any Desktop Browser

In late 2021, Instagram finally added an official solution for uploading images from a laptop or desktop. You can now visit Instagram.com in any browser, sign into your account, and post images as you do on your phone.

Click the Plus button at the top-right to start this process, then see our full guide to Instagram’s desktop upload feature for more help if you need it. This is the best and fastest way to post to Instagram from any computer, but we also include other methods below so you’re aware of other ways.

How to Post on Instagram From a Windows PC

Aside from the primary option above, Windows users can also use the following methods to post to Instagram. They will work whether you’re posting from a Windows laptop or desktop.

Use the Instagram Windows Store App

Instagram doesn’t offer a traditional Windows desktop program, but Windows 10 and 11 users can use the Instagram Microsoft Store app. It’s essentially just a port of the mobile apps, so while it’s nothing special, it gets the job done.

After installing the app, sign in and you’ll see your feed like normal. To post on Instagram, click the Plus icon in the upper-right corner, just like on the website. From there, drag and drop images onto the box, or click the Select from computer button to choose some.

From here, you can use the familiar Instagram interface to edit the image, apply a filter, and add a caption. If you prefer an app instead of visiting a website to post every time, this method is great.

Use the Mobile Instagram Website in Chrome

Before native support for posting to Instagram using the website, the best method was using a trick where you post to Instagram from Chrome. This involves swapping your browser’s user agent to fool the Instagram website into thinking you’re using a mobile device.

For the uninitiated, the user agent is a small piece of information your browser sends to websites so they know a few details about your computer. You can override the automatic user agent and tell the website you’re using something else without much trouble.

This method is more tedious than either of the above, so we don’t recommend it now. We include this here to preserve the steps, but it’s thankfully no longer necessary.

To try the user agent workaround in Chrome, open Instagram’s website and log in. Then press F12 (or right-click and choose Inspect) to open the Developer Console. Press the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + M or click the Toggle device toolbar button (highlighted below) to swap to the mobile website for Instagram.

You’ll see an interface just like the mobile app, complete with click-and-drag functionality. Click the Plus icon at the bottom-center and you can add a photo from your PC. If you don’t see this icon, refresh the page with F5 or navigate to a different page, and it should show up.

On the resulting screen, use Edit to tweak the photo and Filter to change its look. Click Next for the final steps of adding a location, tagging others, including hashtags, and posting a caption. Once you click Share, you’re good to go.

Emulate Android on Your PC

If you enjoy methods that aren’t convenient, you can go further and emulate Android on your computer for free. This allows you to access the true Instagram app and do everything with it as you would on your phone.

The easiest way to do this is using BlueStacks, though you have plenty of other ways to emulate Android on Windows. All you need to do is download BlueStacks, sign in with a Google account, download the Instagram app, and log into your Instagram account. Watch the video below for more details.

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Can you post to Instagram from a PC?

Yes, you can post to Instagram from a PC, but there are some minor limitations. On its desktop version, Instagram only allows you to post images and videos to your profile. You cannot post Instagram Stories, IGTV posts, or Reels from the web version. You also cannot start a Live video.

Why post on Instagram from your computer?

Instagram is a popular social media network for sharing photos that’s most commonly accessed through a mobile app. It offers a web version that makes it easy to post assets you may only have on your laptop and not your phone. 

For example, let’s say you’re a social media manager for a prominent brand. The last thing you want to do is have an absentminded mishap where you accidentally post brand content to your personal Instagram account (or, worse, vice versa) simply because you’re logged into both on your phone.

Alternatively, it might be easier to upload company posts and videos via your desktop, rather than having your smartphone open at work.

Plus, your company’s files might be more easily accessible via desktop than mobile. For instance, if you use Photoshop to edit company photos, it’s likely easier to click “Upload” from your desktop when you’re done editing, rather than sending that same photo or video to your personal phone.

Perhaps you simply prefer the larger screen of desktop. Or, maybe you don’t have access to a smartphone so you can’t download the app on your phone.

So there are plenty of good reasons to use Instagram on your computer instead. Here’s how.

How to Use Instagram on a PC

You can use Instagram on a PC. Simply access the Instagram website at instagram.com and login using your phone number, username, email, or Facebook account. On Instagram’s web version, you can browse your feed, reply to direct messages (DMs), view your notifications, post photos and videos to your profile, and more.

While the social platform is primarily meant to be consumed in-app, it offers a nearly identical experience if you access it on your computer.

On Instagram’s web version, you can:

  • Watch and reply to other people’s Stories
  • Search for hashtags and other users
  • Browse your feed
  • Comment and like posts
  • Reply to direct messages (DMs)
  • View your notifications
  • Access the Explore tab
  • Post photos and videos to your profile

In other words — Yes, you can post to Instagram from your PC or Mac desktop instead of on your mobile device’s app or browser.

Now, let’s explore how you can post images and videos from your desktop computer.

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