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facebook updates 2021facebook updates 2021

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Video: New Facebook Page Layout (2021 Update)

Supported keys: facebook updates 2021, 2021-04-16, New Facebook Page Layout (2021 Update), In this video, I will be walking you through some of the major updates to the new Facebook page layout for 2021. With these changes, you can better optimize your content and social media strategy to succeed.

New Facebook Page Layout Blog Post: https://blog.snappa.com/new-facebook-page-layout/

Facebook Profile Picture Maker: https://youtu.be/Xs_3jG47PMI
Facebook Personal Cover Photo Maker: https://youtu.be/q9DronUBzvU​

0:00​ The Importance of Staying Updated on Facebook Changes
0:40​ Different Facebook Cover Photos
1:17​ Facebook Personal vs. Facebook Business Layout
1:40​ Facebook Profile Picture Changes
2:15​ Updates to Facebook Profile Layouts
2:58​ Simplified Content Sharing
3:51​ New Facebook Navigation Tabs
4:20​ Facebook Profile Intro & Layouts
4:50​ Outro & Channel Suggestions

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Facebook Updates September 2022

October 4, 2022

Engagement was the theme of the month for Facebook. September’s major updates and new features focus directly on propping up slumping user activity across the world’s largest social media platform.

A new Community Chats feature has gone into testing for Messenger and Facebook Groups, which should seem very familiar to Slack and Discord users.

Additionally, two official guides were released by Meta: one to help advertisers and the other to help creators.

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How to win at Facebook (according to Facebook) in 2022

September 27, 2022

In an attempt to boost engagement on Facebook, Meta has shared some details about how the platform’s algorithm works — and how creators can play by its rules to grow their Facebook accounts.

So, what’s new? In a nutshell: Distribution.

Facebook has added an extra filter to the algorithm when it comes to how it decides who sees what content:

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Meta launches Community Chats for Messenger and Groups

September 15, 2022

Meta has soft-launched a new Community Chats feature for Messenger and Facebook Groups on September 14, 2022. The new feature…

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Instagram Updates September 2022

October 3, 2022

September was a busy month for Instagram. The platform continues to adapt at breakneck speed, with new features and changes launching almost weekly.

Will Instagram continue to chase TikTok’s runaway success or find a new way to stand out? And will the pivot to Reels pay off? Stay tuned — we’re just as curious as you are.

Here’s what happened in September on Instagram:

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Meta publishes their must-read guide for signal resiliency

September 13, 2022

Meta has released a guide to help brands adjust their advertising strategies in response to Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) update. The update allows iOS users to opt out of data tracking across 3rd-party applications.

Launched on April 26th, 2021, the ATT update has had a direct impact on Meta’s ability to use user data to serve targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. 

In response, Meta commissioned its 2022 Signal Resiliency Guide. “Signal resiliency” is Meta’s way of saying “how to target your ads with less data collected from 3rd party apps”. The guide will help social media marketers adjust their strategies for this brave new world of online data privacy.

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The Key 2021 Facebook Updates You Must Know

Growth-focused AI, messaging, and video features coming soon

In September, Meta announced that they’re rolling out new ways for advertisers to reach customers on the platform.

These changes include:

  • Royalty-free audio for Reels Ads. With the goal of making it easier for advertisers to create Reels ads, Meta is rolling out a dedicated collection of free sounds for Carousel Ads on Reels. Advertisers can manually select a song or let the app choose one automatically, based on the content of the ad.
  • Post-loop Reels ads in testing. Meta is testing 4-10 second skippable video ads that will play after a Reel has ended. After the ad, the original Reel will resume and loop again.
  • Image carousel ads for Reels in testing. These are horizontally-scrollable ads that can include 2-10 images. They will be displayed at the bottom of Facebook’s Reels content.
  • Advantage custom audience. This is a new targeting automation product that uses an advertiser’s Custom Audience to reach both new and existing customers. It’s similar to Lookalike audiences, but goes beyond the 1%, 5%, or 10% similarity ranges of Lookalike audiences. It will also prioritize the delivery of ads to people within your Custom Audience, driven by AI and machine learning.
  • AI comes to Messenger. Brands can now run click to Messenger Ads that will reach the people most likely to make a purchase in a communication thread with your brand.
  • New Lead Generation ad format that funnels customers to either Messenger or a form, depending on what the user is most likely to interact with.
  • New ad placements and formats on Instagram. Ads are coming to Explore home, along with the profile feed that people see after visiting another account’s profile and tapping on their post. Ads in Explore are already rolling out; feed posts are in testing.
  • AI-powered multi-advertiser ads. When people engage with ads, Meta will deliver similar ads that the user is likely to be interested in based on machine learning. Multi-advertiser contextual ads on Instagram outperformed other campaigns in their initial tests.
  • Open beta test of Augmented Reality (AR) ads launching. These ads will be available in both the feed and Stories. Users will be able to interact with them in new dynamic ways, e.g. seeing how furniture would look in their home or how a bracelet would look on their wrist.
  • Content-based inventory filter in testing. Meta is testing their inventory filters for both Facebook and Instagram feeds to improve brand safety and suitability tools; these will be broadly available in early 2023 if everything stays on schedule.

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Facebook Updates May 2022

Send Marketing messages 

A handy functionality for businesses is the Inbox, where they get all messages from their customers across Messenger, Instagram Direct, or website chat.

The Suite is constantly being updated with new features, and the recently Meta announced a new option that will enable users to send promotional messages to customers who opt-in.

For example, customers can opt in to get notifications about recent product announcements, discounts, and similar.

With this new feature, small businesses can re-engage their customers and build a strong, loyal base.

Easier ways to create Facebook and Instagram ads that start a WhatsApp chat

Many small businesses use Facebook and Instagram ads to direct users to start a conversation with them on WhatsApp.

Meta will provide the ad creation functionality inside the WhatsApp Business App to make this process easier.

With this, small businesses will be able to create their ads faster and much more efficiently.

The main benefit of the ads that click on WhatsApp is the ability of the customers to click the ‘Send Message’ button on the ad and start a conversation with the business on WhatsApp. Learn more on how to create an ad that opens a WhatsApp conversation.

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1. iOS 14 Privacy Updates

On April 16, 2021, Apple released iOS 14.5 to its ecosystem of nearly 1 billion iPhone users. The update introduced new features like better Face ID, new emojis, bug fixes and something that plunged the Facebook advertising world into utter chaos; App Tracking Transparency. 

Facebook and Apple have always been at odds with each other. Facebook loves gathering data and Apple hates it. In 2018, Facebook was shoved into the spotlight thanks to a lawsuit by the Federal Trade Commission over a lack of transparency they displayed when gathering private user information. With more and more people worried about their consumer privacy, the lawsuit only helped to spread distrust for Facebook and subsequently spurred an estimated 1 in 4 Americans to uninstall the app from their devices. 

Photo by Mihai Moisa on Unsplash

Fast-forward to 2021 and Apple has decided to take things into their own hands. Technically, App Tracking Transparency alone doesn’t make any massive changes to how iOS handles ad tracking considering users have been able to opt out of ads tracking before. The main difference with the iOS14 update is that users are presented with that choice front and center, every time they open a new app post-update. Developers are now forced to ask users for permission to track their behavior across different apps via a standardized prompt. The real nail on the coffin? Over 96% of iOS 14 users have opted out of app tracking. 

What this means for Facebook marketers is that data accumulated via Pixels and other tracking methods will in essence disappear. You won’t be able to send remarketing ads and reports will be inaccurate. It’s not all bad though. 

Here are a few ways marketers can respond to iOS14:

  • Segment audiences by targeting Android and iOS users respectively. You can do this by going to Specific Mobile Devices & Operating Systems and selecting Android Devices Only. Note that this only works for campaigns that track conversion events. 
  • Facebook has cut down the amount of events you can track using the Facebook Pixel from basically infinite to only eight. Brainstorm which on-site actions are the most valuable and use Events Manager to ensure your reports remain as accurate as possible 
  • Enable the Conversions API and verify your domain 
  • Use a third-party tracking program to gather website visitor data. 
  • Invest in high-quality creatives and copy 
  • Explore other marketing channels like TikTok, Google and influencer marketing. 

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Ratings and Reviews

2.2 out of 5

1.3M Ratings

Learn How to “Keep it Sold”

Updated review Aug 2022. You guys never stop messing up the app. Now I can no longer edit my own posts or comments. This is ridiculous! Eventually another app will be available for social connections and we will all gleefully jump ship from Facebook. Stop making this app worse.

Updated review Nov 2019. Stop messing up the app. Fix the bugs, but stop tweaking it. Once again, when I go to Groups, I know longer see the Groups I belong to. This feature has gone away before; I reported it and it was restored. Now, after the latest update it’s gone again. A basic business adage is to “keep it sold” which means taking care of your current customers while you also develop new ones. You’ve already got millions of us sold on Facebook, so quit screwing around with the app and just give us a stable, reliable feed. Let the users decide what they see in their wall and in what order. I understand you make money from ads, so go ahead and put them out there, but let us manage our own content and interaction with our own friends, groups and pages. The more your developers keep tweaking with the app, the less appealing it becomes and the more unstable. Now it keeps freezing and quitting, making it difficult to post. Do you even ask your users what kind of changes they want before messing with the app & your stupid algorithms?

Oh thank god i didn’t update i canceled just in time

I heard nothing positive get your crap together fb what’s wrong with some good change for once let us customize our profiles at the least man music players make a fb chat room like they had on MySpace and you could join Florida chat or China whatever place state country nd also be able to make your own rooms that people could join randomly or you can control but it’s supposed to be bout meeting new ppl now how much more friends ppl be able to make if we could find rooms that are relatable like i would join a broward county chat in my area Florida and you can join the room that’s most popular nd you could see how many ect nd now you can click on their names so instead of it being a random they have a profile nd pics nd you can request them to add them if they want to chat privately from then on I’m tired of just have only my friends to see any more these ppl are old news anyways we don’t need reels me need a Omegle type area for the ppl that want to chat about love or politics or dating or friends or cooking🔥go to rooms for ppl to just get advice from even just something else to do think about it fb send me a dm for great ideas I’m from the MySpace era i have every single app nd come to fb first but getting old so fix it memories also getting boring seeing it too much it should be search option but thank for your time

Marketplace is stealing your money!

Beware that the Marketplace is stealing your money on a regular basis. I decided to try selling through FB Marketplace. At first it was good, but now it’s crazy! They updated things frequently, and it’s not working properly anymore. Now they have a new practice: they started stealing your payouts! First time it happened to me, I sold a dress. My payout was $45, but they sent me only $8. I asked for help, but they ignored me. Adam said he saw that they sent me $45, and I have to ask my bank. I sent him all the proof that they sent only $8. Keep in mind, it’s easy to check this information from their side. The bank just deposits the amount which was sent. I asked Adam to provide me transaction details such as a transaction number to proof that they sent me $45, and Adam just didn’t respond. They know that I am right, but do nothing to help. No support or anything.
The second time I sold a book. Guess what? My payout is just simply gone from my payout page! Vanished! I never got it! Nobody cares! They always claim that they sent you your payouts and that you should ask your bank. But the bank deposits the amounts that YOU SEND!
You are not protected!
Very unprofessional workers!
Just think about it: a billion dollar company is stealing your poor amount of earnings. Before you launch a marketplace for people to use you have to test it first and then release it to the public. That way people won’t have these problems!

The developer, Meta Platforms, Inc., indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

Data Used to Track You

The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies:

  • Contact Info

  • Identifiers

  • Other Data

Data Linked to You

The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:

  • Health & Fitness

  • Purchases

  • Financial Info

  • Location

  • Contact Info

  • Contacts

  • User Content

  • Search History

  • Browsing History

  • Identifiers

  • Usage Data

  • Sensitive Info

  • Diagnostics

  • Other Data

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More

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Facebook launches Super, a Cameo-like app

Facebook is known to learn from the best apps out there and create a version that’s often more successful than the original. In its latest move, Facebook launched an app called Super that allows anyone to pay for a celebrity shoutout within videos posted on the app. 

This brings an additional channel for content creators who are looking for tools that allow them to easily monetize their audiences. Fans can give them gifts, pay to appear on their streams to ask a question, or to take an online selfie. 

Image source

Facebook briefly suspends news content in Australia

In this development that gained wide media notoriety, Facebook suspended sharing and viewing of any content from media, including international news, after the Australian courts introduced a Media Bargaining law that requires platforms like Facebook to compensate publishers for reusing their content. 

Less than a week after the suspension took place, Facebook reversed their decision following amendments to the law.

In its article detailing the decision, Facebook explained that media content accounts for around 4% of all News Feed content, making it insignificant in terms of revenue generation for the company, yet for publishers relying on referral traffic from Facebook to generate advertising revenue it is beneficial or even paramount to have Facebook access. 

Facebook revamps its Page management

Remember how switching from your personal account to a business account and then back was always a hassle? Facebook is working to make this much simpler, along with other features that allow businesses to easily manage their pages using the Facebook Page Management app. 

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